Our Traffic Research partner within SMS Market Research has over 30 years experience as one of the best placed Traffic Data Collection and Analysis companies in the UK. The SMS Traffic Research Team provides traffic surveys for the Department for Transport, Local Authorities and various transport and civil engineering consultants to mention just a few.

Origin & Destination Surveys

Number Plate O & D Surveys:

SMS Traffic Research has a vast and varied experience in carrying out these surveys. Whether the client requires an O & D Survey in a small residential area or a large city cordon, we at SMS Traffic Research have the experience and ability to carry out such work.

Video Traffic Counts

We have many years experience in conducting video surveys. They can be also used in conjunction with other types of survey to provide additional demonstrative material to our clients. Video surveys are increasingly being used to carry out surveys in sensitive areas and/or to take a more discrete approach.

Manual Traffic Counts

Car Parking Surveys

There are numerous common methods employed by us to conduct Car Parking Surveys i.e. Beat Survey, Number Plates in and out etc. We are also open to using bespoke methods as and when required. We can conduct these surveys manually and/or automatically using the latest ANPR/Camera technology.

Journey Time Surveys

We have several well-rehearsed teams to carry out Drive Time Surveys. We undertake this type of survey on a regular basis and always to very high standards. We can also add the GPS element and/or any other client’s requirements. We will provide accurate data and GPS co-ordinates/route plan every time, in a transparent concise format or even to the client’s requested format.

Speed Check Surveys

Using the latest speed detection technology and our well-trained staff we can carry out these surveys. We will provide accurate data and plans every time, in a transparent concise format or even to the client’s requested format.

Red Light/Level Crossing Monitoring

SMS Traffic Research has the experience and skills to carry out such surveys. Additionally we can carry out work covertly using our staff or the latest surveillance technology. Latest figures show traffic cameras in London are catching almost 10,000 drivers every month jumping through red lights. While recent figures released by Network Rail show there were more than 3,400 cases of level-crossing misuse last year, disrupting thousands of trains.